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What Are Computers?

Computers serve as the new trend of the modern generation. Computers are programmed devices that are intended to perform arithmetic and logical operations. These operations are needed in this world, as, without computers, the world will be “out of order.” These computers run on systems, hardware, and software.

Are they very important? The precise answer is yes. They are very useful for the different offices (public and private), various establishments, leisure and recreational areas, at home, and so on. They function as the main agent of change for every business activities, non-profit undertakings, and the like.

Every office needs a computer. A computer is made up of CPU, a monitor and a keyboard. Then, there are various drivers or ports, where USBs and other storage gadgets can utilize. As of today, there are mobile computers as well as stationary computers.

The mobile ones composed of laptops and iPads, and they can run by a battery. They can open and operated even without the need of an alternate current (AC). These mobile computers are being used by a lot of people worldwide. Almost every human being in this world possesses these devices, to say the least.

On the other hand, a stationary computer is also named as “desktop.” They stay in one definite area, and cannot remove from such area, during work or operations. They are not mobile, in simple words, unlike those laptops and iPads. So, they are designed for those people at the office, whether conventional or home-based.

The Modern Communication System

The breakthrough of technology, particular the rise of the Internet and computer systems, has given people a new system of communication. People can easily and instantly communicate now to their loved ones. The use of social media, like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, has become prominent these days, paving the new system to become popular among people.

This new or modern communication system is far different from the conventional system, which was exemplified by paper and pen. In this modern system, by clicking the mouse pad or by pressing the enter key, your message of communication can be sent right away. The use of technology is very instant and on-time. Sending e-mails, for instance, can be done in 2 to 3 seconds. Have you wondered how fast the pace of life these days among humans? It so fast! Ever before.

Computers And The Internet

Besides the computers, the rise of Internet is also experienced by the human race these days. The internet is the ultimate partner of the mobile and stationary devices –the Internet. Through this system, wherever you are in this world, your communication is open and direct. The means of communication forwarded through the World Wide Web system. How amazing!Are These Computers Expensive Or Affordable?

To be straight here, the onset of those computers was a bit hard and not friendly for each and every one. Why? They were sold extensively before. However, due to high demand day after day, month after month, as well as year after year, the cost of those devices has been lowered. Finally, those devices are now very affordable.

Types Of Computers

Computers are new devices with specific programs that are set to make the business operations, communications, and other human affairs every day so easy. These devices are aimed to help the human beings have a smooth life in today’s fast-paced environment. The importance of this technological breakthrough seen through times. Without them, a person would still be living in a primordial era.

In this article, let’s dissect the different types of computers. Through this write-up, you will be going to understand how important this technological advancement is. Yes, as claimed, these devices are truly important. They are making people’s lives so orderly and okay.

Listed subsequently with short explanations are the different types of computers.


Desktops are stationary computers, being set-up in an immobile arrangement. They have three main parts: the Keyboards, the Screen and the Central Processing Unit (CPU). These devices are intended to use by those people who are at the office or home, doing any form of business, work/job, or even communication channeling and interactive chatting with friends. The set-up of these computers is truly intended to make people happy, as they may perform well on the different aspects of human endeavors that need the presence of the Internet (being partnered with this type of computer).


Laptops are mobile computers. They still have the screen and keyboards, but the CPU is built-in. Meaning, it’s in the structure of the computer itself. Who are those people using it? They are those people, who want to have a mobile computer, with a monitor somehow smaller than desktops. These devices are also working same with desktops, for business and other related purposes.


Tablets are smaller than the laptops and desktops. They intended for those people, who want to have a miniature gadget somehow. These gadgets focused on trying to provide the users the easiest way to perform their computer-related tasks. Similarly, these devices are having programs and can run the different or various software. These miniature gadgets are widely used by a lot of people today because they are portable and can easily be brought with, wherever people may go.

Mainframe Computers

Originally, the mainframe is defined as the computer cabinet that has the central processing unit (CPU). Categorically, Mainframe Computers are big computers that can handle thousands of computer users. They patterned on the first computer devices being manufactured and produced primarily during the onset years of this technological breakthrough in the 1970s. They are really “big.” And, their purpose in today’s generation is special, in a sense that only those high-profile offices, may they be in the government or private sectors, can have them.

These types of computers are providing a wider option for people on this planet. They are intended to make the lives among humans so smooth and okay. They are for different purposes, particularly for communications, various businesses, private non-profit endeavors, and the like.

Uses And Importance Of Computers

Computers serve a great purpose – to provide a savory existence – for human beings on this planet at present. They are humans’ companion in their day-to-day life. They are devices being programmed, with algorithmic, arithmetic and symbolic set-ups. They are mainly targeted to make every human life easy and fast-pacing. In today’s generation, a person without a computer is said to be an old-fashioned one. Hence, even smartphones or a simple cell phone is computer-programmed or operated.

Uses and Importance

Let’s take a look at how computers may work essentially. They are the offshoot of technological breakthrough, so to speak. Hence, having them is very important for every human being. Their uses are specified as follows:

Computers are useful in instant communications.

We all know that the very general idea of the social nature of human beings is the ability to communicate. Communication is very important as far as human survival and orderliness are concerned. Communication is essential for every human being to sustain his or her existence in this world. With computer gadgets or devices, the means of communications, with the help of the Internet, has become so instant and outright.

Computers can solve human problems.

Every computer gadget can truly solve human problems. The stored programs and software in it can solve the human problems that can impede or hamper human existence. For example, if you are having a certain problem, you can use your computer to search for a certain solution on the World Wide Web (Internet). How wonderful technological breakthrough this is?

These gadgets or devices are agents of an imaginative community.

There are academic scholars and brilliant minds today, who consider these computers to serve as the agent of an imagined community. There is now a sense of oneness in this time, as marked, too, by globalization. Why? This advancement opens that gate for it to happen. People can easily communicate others even those living in far-flung places from a certain point of reference.

One of their primary functions is towards relationship solidification process.

They may function to have a smooth relationship between and among different individuals. The computers are special agents that can help people establish a strong and sturdy relationship. Long distance relationships can even stabilize through one of those devices, may they be laptops or tablets. They are instruments that can solidify human inter- and intra-relationships. They are therefore amazing, aren’t they?

They break the barriers among individuals due to geographical factor.

No more barriers right now, at this time. Again, they are working as agents or instruments of communications. So, they break the barriers, since there is already a sense of ‘imagined community’ (as explained above). So, they can work optimally to break the barriers, because of their ability to surpass geographical boundaries. Try to imagine the work of instant email, like that of G-Mail or Yahoo Mail. Instantly, you send a communication to your special someone, through pressing the “ENTER KEY.”

Lastly, a computer is a human companion in today’s generation. Without it, human life is senseless and tasteless.

Advantages Of Computers

Can you imagine your life running every single day without your smartphones or tablets? Can you imagine your life running every single day without checking your Facebook or Twitter account? Of course, you might be thinking the other way –you feel lonely, sad, melancholic and emptied. Every time you see the pictures of your friends on Facebook timeline, or even on Instagram posts, or on their Twitter accounts, you get fascinated. Sometimes, you may say, “Wow, this picture is super great!” What is the main argument of this preliminary statement? Simple, we need computers or those computer-run gadgets or devices. Now, it’s important for us to dissect the advantages of those computers of any type. There are certain advantages by having one or two of those computer devices in this world today.

Firstly, you may be able to communicate your loved ones or friends living abroad. Or, the other way around, if you are the one who is abroad, you can instantly communicate your loved ones being left behind in your country. So, the first advantage of having tablets or laptops is the ability of fast and instant communication, clearly speaking.

Secondly, with any of those devices, you can expediently remedy your office or home-based problems. For instance, if you are searching for a diet pill or supplement, since you are getting obese or overweight, you can use the computer for the outright solution. Through the different net portals and sites, you can find a certain dietary supplement that can help you lose your gained weight dramatically.

Thirdly, the use of this computer is advantageous for research purpose. If you are a student, you can use the computer to find the right data and information for a specific subject matter or research topic. If you are a worker, who needs to make a self-explanatory report before your boss or your colleagues during a meeting or presentation, you can use the Internet and the computer sets to make such important work-related report.

Fourthly, these devices or gadgets can intensify your social existence on this planet. Humans are social beings, in a sense. You need to socialize with other people. So, with the use of the Internet, together with your laptop or tablet, you can use the social media, so that even if you are distant or away from your social friends, you can easily contact and tell them something. Posting pictures of your happenings on your Facebook wall are one of the concrete examples of the social function of the computer gadgets.

Fifthly, you can use the computer for your professional undertakings. Well, this is somehow related to the third item. But, this is the general sense, compared to the third one. Through computer operations, it would be easy for you to have a smooth work performance, vis-à-vis the different functions of being an employee or worker.

Therefore, with your computer set, you can easily make your existence a wonderful one. All you have to do is to learn about the DOs and the DONTs when having a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Which Factors Should You Consider Before Buying Computers?

Buying a computer does entail many factors. You have to be brilliant and clever enough in choosing the right gadget or device for your desire to fulfilled. In this case, there is a need to understand some things relevant to this purpose. You have to think that you have to spend your hard-earned money for one of the devices of your choice. So, you have to see really to it that the option meets your taste, based on the different factors. By considering these factors, you can easily fulfill or satisfy yourself. There is a need to balance your mind, before coming up with your final decision to purchase a desktop, or a laptop, or a tablet. Listed below are some of the factors you have to understand and consider before spending your hard-earned money on the direct order or purchase.

Check first the specifications.

The specifications or specs signify the features or offers of the gadget of your choice. The specifications where the memory, processor, operating system, and other features specified clearly. You have to understand this factor since this is the very basic of all the factors to be considered. Yes, this factor is quite important, so to speak.

Check the color of your computer.

Is this important? I think YES, it is. Why? It is important for the simple reason that the computer color reflects your personality. So, if you want to enjoy yourself while using your computer set soon, there is a need to pick the right color. All of us have various favorite colors, so to speak. Thus, there is a need to enjoy your life, by choosing the right color based on your taste.

Check the price.

The price or cost of the computer you want to use is very important. Why? Well, it reflects your pocket ability. Don’t buy those very expensive computers if your budget is tight. Just be practical enough to choose the right one that corresponds to your financial ability, based on the idea of cost-effectiveness. Price is really important. Always think that the day after tomorrow will be a new day for you to feed your stomach and your family’s, too.

Check if there are some freebies during the purchase.

Well, there are legit outlets selling the computer that offer freebies and amenities. You have to choose them, in order to gain more perks during and after the purchase. Freebies are part of the cost-effectiveness idea. Why is it being suggested? Truly, you have to be practical in this sense. Right after your purchase, a certain amount of money is gone already away from your hand or pocket. So, you have to do this.

Buy from legit outlets (offline or online) that offer a warranty period.

Buying one of the optional computers available in the market should be accompanied by a warranty agreement. Warranty agreement is part of the Terms and Conditions of the purchase. Having a certain warranty is needed, since right after the purchase, or after some time, there might be a possibility that you may encounter troubles or defects. Keep your official receipt for the warranty to take effect.These factors should be considered when buying a particular computer. Otherwise, you may be in trouble right after a few days or months from the date of purchase

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