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What Are Desktops?

The computer revolution has already taken its foothold in the scientific developments from across the globe. It does simply mean that people are now using computers from all over the world. Everywhere you are there is a certain sort of a computer to seen, they may be big-sized, medium-sized or small-sized. Now, it’s time to unlock the facts behind one of the most prominent computer types –the Desktops.

Well, desktops are stationary computers. This type has three major components, such as:

The Monitor or Screen

The Keyboard

The Central Processing Unit (CPU)

These three major parts or components of a desktop computer have different functions that harmoniously work for the perfect operation. Further, every computer is being run by programs and systems.

The desktops are not mobile, and they can have wider and deeper functions for people to enjoy. Desktops can store big files (GBs) based on the specifications they have. With this type of computer, office workers and even home-based employees or professionals can handle well all their undertakings.

Every desktop has various, or distinct characteristics or features that were depending the brand itself. When you purchase one of them, you have to ask clearly the specifications or specs. You need to do this thing so that you will know the domain of its capacity and capability.

Computers are humans’ technological companion on this planet. With them, you can easily run everything in your daily life. With them, you can easily make things for the betterment of your existence. And, with them, you will be happy.

Compared to the other types of computers, like laptops and tablets, desktops are much bigger. Hence, they are not portable in a sense. They can be used immovably, based on the appropriate steps that can easily be learned and applied, through its manual. Well, unlike the previous computers, the present types are easier than before, due to the development of Windows and some other sorts of operations or processors.

There are truly two main advantages when choosing desktops. First, there is a comfort of using it. It is more comfortable to use it, than using laptops or tablets. You can sit comfortably in a computer chair facing your desktops and keyboard depending on your angle choice. It is through this aspect why there are millions of people worldwide choosing and using it.

Second, the away-from-home offices or even those home-based offices should have this type of computer. Why? The simple reason is its ability to have a bigger storage and operational domain and range. You can have the deeper range with this type of computer compared to the smaller ones, like tablets and laptops.

Is it necessary to have a desktop at home or your office? The answer is YES. You need to. It is for the simple reason that there is comfort working on a desktops. Otherwise, you will be suffering a lot of physical pains (back pains, specifically), if you are just relying upon your tablet or laptop while working on some particular matters online.

Components Of Desktops

Desktops are immovable or stationary computers. This sort of computer devices is being used by some people worldwide. Well, the main reason is the comfort when having and using it regularly, on a day-to-day basis. Through this computer type, you will always be at your comfort zone every day. But, choosing the other types, like laptops or tablets, you can also have the ease and comfort. Nevertheless, it is considered that it’s more comfortable to use a stationary computer system than to use the mobile or portable ones.

To deepen the main point of this article now needed to assess and determine the different components of a desktops.

First, let’s determine “The Peripherals.” The peripherals part has these components.




Second, there is also the “Non-Peripherals,” which comprise of the following:

Power Supply

Mother Board



Hard Drive


After discussing the peripherals and the non-peripherals, it is right time now to discuss the “3 Main Components,” which composed of:


The monitor part is where you can see the processed things by the computer programs and outputs. The monitor also known as the “screen.” The monitor where you can also watch your favorite YouTube videos, to say the least.

Central Processing Unit

Central Processing Unit, otherwise known as CPU, is the part, where the hard drive, memory, motherboard, and other program-based sub-components located. CPU also where the software, files, and other programs stored, processed and evaluated. CPU the main player of the desktops, for without this part, your computer is futile or useless.


This part is where you can see the characters (letters, numbers, function keys, and the like). The keyboard is also very important since this is where you make and execute your direct computer inputs, which will result in visible outputs in the screen or monitor. The keyboard is very important since you cannot actualize or perform the computer-related tasks without this part.

Is having a computer very important? Yes, of course, having a computer is very important. Again, this is your daily companion. Your social existence and substance can attribute to this technological breakthrough. The present communication system is done simultaneously and instantly through this technological breakthrough. Do you agree?

By having a desktop computer, you cannot just have a fine living and comfort, but also, you can resolve life issues and problems. Daily, you can have the solutions to your multi-faceted problems, when you use a computer being connected to the Internet. So, the essence of life can be seen through this advancement, so to speak.

Without computers, your life would be incomplete. Is it correct to say that you are using Facebook every day? Is it correct to say that you are twit every day? The answer to these questions is single yes. So, you need a desktop. Otherwise, your life is meaningless. Isn’t it?

What To Consider While Buying Desktops?

When buying your wished desktops, it is vital to make a wise decision based on some important considerable factors. These factors are important to be understood if you want to enjoy your life. If not, then, you might be having a failing decision, whatsoever. Of course, you always want to have the best decision ever, since buying a computer means letting your money out from your pocket. It’s the right time now to discuss the factors when buying any of those available desktops.

First, you have to learn about the particulars or specifics of the computer set. Yes, it is important, and this serves as the very primary goal –to learn the specs of the computer set. Specs where you learn about the processor, memory (RAM), programs, and so on and so forth. To learn about Specs is the most basic step, for you to have the fulfillment of having a computer.

Second, you have to learn about the real market price of the desktops you are going to buy. Price is important since it entails your pocket capability. Don’t spend too much on things that don’t correspond to your needs and capacity. It is the rule. So, it is a must to consider the pricing on the second aspect. Then, if there are sales offers, you can grab one of them. But, be clever as much as possible!

Third, you have to be very cautious about buying those untested brands in the market. Yes, there are a lot of brands available but are not tested. It is important that you read reviews of the product. It is very important knowing that the day after your purchase could be a day of remorse. Make sure that you use a branded and tested computer set.

Fourth, it is imperative that you talk to your friends who are using some specific brands. Learn from their particular experiences. Your friends can trust as a source of the right information. Their words may guide you to make the perfect decision ever.

Fifth, it is needed that you have several options. Having five options on the first round is good. Then, sift them. Make the second round by having two more left. Then, in the final round, you have to make your final decision on the matter. The final decision is important so that you can see the current of the water of the river before you decide to go across to the other side.

By considering all these aspects or factors, you are giving yourself the democratic sense of freedom. Then, you will not be failing, in one way or another. The five factors or aspects being given can serve as your gauge before coming up with the best decision to buy. You have to think that every purchase of a thing reflects money that you have had hardly labored.


Buying one of the available desktop computers is a must. A computer is a source of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Without even a single one, you will be left behind from the breakthrough of science that you must have to embrace.

Laptops Versus Desktops: The Truth About Their Difference

Buying one unit of the available computers on the market is a must-do thing since a computer unit is needed. Every day, you are doing things online. In the absence of a laptop or desktop, how can you do such a thing? Perhaps, you would be imagining yourself being drowned in the water of uncertainty, as your life will lack something, due to that failure to buy and to have one.

But, today, you will about to know about the differences between laptops and desktops. By setting the differences between the 2, you will be able to decide for the best of your life. This article is really important since the truth shall set your mind free after you read it. Laptops or desktops? Is now the debate that resides in your mind. So, allow this paper to provide you the categorical differences between the two.

The Laptops

Laptops also known as mobile or portable computers. There might be some advantages of buying a laptop, based on the merits of the feedback from its regular users globally. These advantages are:

Higher speed

Better graphics

More storage space

But, based on the online data and information, laptops are a bit higher in price than the desktops. Price is the reason for people, who cannot afford to buy one brand in particular. The price will peak up to $1,500.00. Can you afford this? But, its performance is amazing. So, if you have money, you can purchase this type of computer.

Further, since laptops are portable or movable, you can expect that this type of computer is more prone to ruined. Imagine placing your unit inside a bag, where there are other compressed objects, like clothes. I experienced this thing before. So, somehow, I regretted by doing it. But, it is your mind-setting that matters on this aspect. Be prudent!

The Desktops

Desktops are a computer type in the full package, with monitor, CPU, and keyboard. Unlike laptops, desktops are not movable. They are immovable or stationary. In terms of working in a comfort zone, a lot of people are giving feedback that this type of device is more comfortable than the former. Thus, a lot of people are choosing this one over the other type.

In terms of cost, based on some sources online, it is priced affordably. You can even purchase a desktop unit for only $400.00. This is more affordable than the former, isn’t it? So, for those people, who want to have a financial saving after purchase, choosing this one is highly recommended.

Buying a computer or a tablet, clearly speaking, does only need your decision based on the merits of the differences being explained, if you are given the chance to choose. But, remember that there are people, or most people, have both laptops and desktops. So, this would truly depend on your financial capacity and needs. The most important thing is that for every decision that you’re going to make, you have to make sure that you bet for the wisest decision ever.

Where To Buy Desktops And Computers On Internet?

Do you believe that buying a desktop or any computers should cleverly be done? If so, then, this article is perfect and fit for you. The best general outlet is the Internet. Here, you can find a lot of options. But, of course, you have to have a very brilliant decision based on the search engines’ results. Otherwise, you will be having problems due to a compromised or wrong decision.

Where to buy desktops?

There are a lot of suggestions; some are good while the others are bad. These suggestions based on online or Internet-based feedback and information. You have to pay attention to these suggestions because you might be sensing the feeling of remorse if you regret to pay attention to these tips.

Below listed are the major seven outlets, with official online websites, to wit:



Apple iMac

Dell Computers




These are the major brands in the world of desktops. So, you can try the 7 of them online. Just use the search engines, Google, Bing or Yahoo, to try to go to their respective online outlets or their official website. You cannot have the remorse from now on if you will do so. Why? Again, they are truly tested and well-branded.

Their desktops being sold online are reviewed well by a lot of people. So, reading reviews through the World Wide Web is a must. It is important so that you’ll truly understand their worth, essence and value. Understanding their specifications, depending on the model and year edition, is a must, too. This information is to provide you with certain clarity on how to make up your mind wisely.

Your decision matters afterwards. Right after you spend your money for the online purchase, you can see the value of your decision. The performance of the desktops you may purchase will reflect on the considered value. Thus, this is truly necessary that you have to consider having the best decision ever for this thing.

What else should you have to know? Based on the main essence of the subject matter herein, there is none. But, you have to decide really for the best. The money you will be spending for the purchase comes from your hard labor and struggle, in one way or another, except if you are filthy rich.

There must be cleverness and intelligence on your part. Why? Those people, who are making an abrupt decision, without sifting on the matters involved, are saying something negative about themselves afterwards, to the point that they would even go to place their computer set at a garage sale. If they don’t like the performance based on their needs and pleasure, they would decide to resell their purchased item at a lower price than the price of their first purchase.

Do you understand the essence now of this article? Buying one of the available desktops online should be cleverly and wisely done.