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What Are Laptops?

Living in the so-called “digital age” has brought us many benefits. And one of them is the amount of choice which we given in technology. This amount of choice is wonderful although it might be confusing at times because we try to work out what is the best model of a certain device that suits our necessities. Is it Laptops or Desktops?

Laptops are no different. Many people find themselves confused on which laptop is best for them. Given the wide range of uses for laptops, there are also a lot of available options that we might have within our budget and the specifications required.

The Laptops

Almost everyone knows what a laptop is. A laptop is a portable personal computer suitable for mobile use.  It is commonly used for work, personal multimedia or in education. A laptop combines the inputs and components of a desk computer such as the display, the keyboard, touchpad and speakers. Modern-day laptops have built-in microphones and webcams. These devices are usually powered by AC adapter or from a rechargeable battery.  The specification of the hardware significantly varies between different models, types and makes.

This device is designed for portability as you can easily carry it in a variety of locations. Many laptops are also designed to have all the functionality of a desktop computer.  In other words, you can run the same software and open the same type of files. Some laptops like the netbooks are designed to be even more portable. You can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Let’s take a look at the main differences you can expect with a laptops:

Touchpad or trackpad

Multi-touch gestures


AC Adapter

Magnetic Magsafe connectors


The touchpad or trackpad is a touch sensitives pad that allows you to control the pointer by drawing a motion with the use of your finger. Touchpads also include multi-touch gestures. These gestures will allow you to perform specific tasks with more than one finger. An example of this is the pinch gesture. The pinch gesture is usually used to zoom in or out.

All laptops have batteries. The battery will allow you to use the laptop when it is not plugged in. And whenever you plug the laptop, the battery recharges. One benefit of the battery is that it can provide back- up power to the laptops if the power goes out.

AC Adapter is a specialized power cable that is designed to use with the specific type of laptop. Some of these cables require the use of MagSafe connectors. The Magsafe connectors will safely pull out if you trip over the power cable. It helps prevent damage to the laptop cables.

Almost all laptops use the same types of ports as desktop computers have. But they usually have fewer ports to be able to save space. Some of these ports, however, may be different, and you may need to use an adapter. An example of this is the mini-display port. The mini-display port is a smaller version of the normal display port.  Ports have the similar appearance, and it is important that you check your manual to determine what type of port your laptop has.

Uses And Advantages Of Using Laptops

The main reason for using laptops is portability. Unlike other gadgets such as tablets and smartphones, the device runs the same program as desktop counterparts. Without relying on mobile apps, you can take it with you wherever you go. You can even take it to your work and in school depending on your necessity.

Here are some purposes of  laptops:

For Work

The laptop is very useful for business people who always travel a lot. You can easily take your projects anywhere you go. You can bring it from home to work without sending files or using the cloud storage. No more driving back to retrieve you forget a file in the case. You can also carry it, especially if your work requires frequent out of town conventions and client’s meeting without relying on other person’s computer.

For School

If you are a student, you can bring Laptops with you to classes and lectures. Laptops can help you work on papers, notes, and online research. Sometimes taking notes by hand can be time-consuming. But if you have laptops  you can easily type your notes directly into a document. It also helps you write papers more easily and edit your work. Whenever you have Internet access, you can also share files with one another. The biggest benefit of laptops to students is that it allows you to access information that can improve student performance in the classroom.

For Gaming and Entertainment

The Laptops can’t match the power of desktop computers. But there are some which include video cards that are capable of running modern games. With these devices, you can bring your game to a friend’s house and play your favorite games with one another. It can also serve as a portable video player, streaming videos, TV shows and movies when connected to the internet. You can also listen to your most favorite songs. Some models even include DVD or Blu-ray drive for playing movies especially if you want to relax and entertained.

Since computers have become a need for people nowadays, below are some benefits of using it.


You can do your work anywhere you want.

Laptops helps you communicate with people around the world, even if you are traveling or on a vacation.

The laptops can use without electricity.

If you are a business person, you can carry it in meetings.

Your personal and confidential information are safe because you can carry it along with you.

It allows you to watch movies and hear songs

You can even do online shopping just by sitting at your home. It allows people to purchase any product from the different website.

The most basic thing is that you can get access to information about anything and learn.


The laptops have disadvantages in the following fields:


The upper limits of the laptops are lower than the desktop. Areas where laptops has the biggest disadvantage are:

3D gaming

Video editing


Number-crunching software ( math, engineering, financial and databases)


Their ability of laptops to upgrade is very limited compared to desktops.  It is difficult to upgrade and have high repair cost. Although there are some upgrades that can perform, it usually impairs the portability of the device. Adding external devices and boxes to the setup are often disconnected and reconnected when the device moved.

Health Risk

The heat generated from the laptops can raise the temperature of the scrotum which potentially put the sperm count at risk. However, there is still the need for further research to determine whether this affects sterility in men. One solution to this problem is to place the device on table or desk. The heat also causes discoloration on the thighs.

Which Points To  Observed At The Time Of Purchasing Laptops?

Laptop Buying Guide:

The best tool that is compact enough to carry with you and versatile enough to run demanding applications, the laptops are the most convenient one. There’s a wide range of features, prices, and sizes which make choosing the right tool a challenge. You have to figure out first what your needs are and follow this checklist to consider before purchasing new laptops.


Consider buying a device that has a small screen and is lightweight. If portability is your concern Ultrabook marketed laptops should be right for you. They are designed to be slim and light. Look for a device that has a screen of 12.5-13.3 inches in size and a weight that is from 1-1.5 kg.

Keyboard Quality

Choose a device with a comfortable keyboard especially if you are doing long typing sessions. Do not get keyboards with squished in number pads because it may translate to a poor overall user experience when looking for keys like the arrows.

The good quality keyboard has a comfortable layout with full sized keys and space around the arrow keys. The keys must have adequate travel on the down stroke and has a snappy responsiveness every time you let them go. Make sure that the keyboard is also backlit.It will allow you to type with an easier view on the keys in dimly lit environments.

Screen Quality

Choose a screen that is comfortable to look at because you are watching hours and hours on the device every day. Nowadays, these devices have touchscreens that are glossy. These glossy screens will lead to reflections. So when buying, consider one that doesn’t have a touchscreen.

If you want plenty of space to line up windows and keep things in view, you should be considering the resolution. Choose a 1920×1080-pixel resolution (Full HD). Choose also a device that touts IPS or in-plane switching. This kind of technology offers the widest viewing angles for user’s comfort.


When it comes to multi-tasking and multimedia tasks, the core i3, i5, and i7 has the best performance.  Core i3 based notebooks usually found in entry-level systems. The Core i5 makes up the majority of the mainstream computers. While the Core i7 based laptops, are for those who want the best performance from their Laptops.

Battery Life

The task that you run, the screen resolution, and the brightness are some of the many variables that affect battery life. The battery will drain a lot sooner if you also run programs that need a lot of processing, streams lot of online videos or transfer lots of files over the wireless network.

Consider looking at the rating of the battery in Watt-hours (Wh) or milliamp-hours (mAh). The larger the figures of the ratings are, the longer the battery will last. A battery with 44Wh to 50Wh rating will give you the best performance.


A solid state drive or SSD offers more speed than the hard drive. It runs silently and can easily installed in a form factor that does not add too much weight and bulk. You can stick to a 128GB SSD for your device, and you will still love the speed when you load programs, access information and can boot up quickly your system.

These features of laptops must meet your needs, and, of course, your budget.