What Are Tablets?

The Tablets

Tablets represent a big threat to the traditional PC industry and represent the biggest shift in the computing industry in years.  Tablets industry is set to explode this year and the next, becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

A tablet computer commonly shortened nowadays as a tablet is a mobile computer with touchscreen features, display, battery and circuitry in a single device. Tablets equipped with sensors, cameras, mic and an accelerometer. The touchscreen display uses the recognition of the finger or stylus gestures replacing the use of the keyboard or the mouse.

This device is typically larger than the smartphones but works in a similar way and can classify into several types according to the physical appearance. It tends not to come with keyboards and is not beneficial for a full day’s work. But it can easily provide instant access to the internet. It makes the device ideal for browsing the web, casual gaming and emailing.

Some models have 3G or 4G mobile internet connectivity. They don’t come with wired internet connection ports, so you will need to access it to a wireless internet to be able to get the most from your device.


Operating system

There are four basic Operating System in use. These are:

Apple’s iOS- used exclusively on Apple products

Google Android- most popular OS used on tablets

Microsoft Windows- fully compatible with the Windows OS used on laptops and desktops

Blackberry- compatible only with Blackberry cell phones


The tablets comes with internal memory ranging from 1GB to 500GB. Many of the models have a slot for adding a MicroSD card to expand the memory. The internal memory is not changeable; a device with limited memory is going to limit the ability to store videos, large files, applications and photos.

Screen Size and Resolution

Tablets come in different sizes from 5-12 inches. Large smartphones considered as a small tablet. While large ones provide more screen estate but at the cost of being too big for the purse or pocket. The mid-sized is portable and has a large screen enough to show an entire page.

If you want sharper images than others, then choose a device with higher resolution. But if you enjoy watching HD movies choose a minimum resolution of 720 pixels.

Wireless Connectivity

All of these devices have wireless capability. They are Wi-Fi capable. But bear in mind that there are two versions of a Wi-Fi. If the device only supports 802.11b/g specification, then it is not adequate for streaming videos and downloading large items. If you want to get, the most of the Wi-Fi connectivity choose one of the tablets that supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio bands.

Styles of Tablest:

Aside from the features, there are also other styles of tablets. These are

Convertible tablets– usually have a display that rotates 180 degrees and can be folded to close and screen up over an integrated hardware keyboard

Hybrid tablets- also called as convertible or hybrid notebooks. It is just like a regular notebook but has removable display that functions as a slate

Rugged Tablets- designed to withstand rough handling and extreme conditions. It is a slate-like model that usually encased in a thick shell and shock-protected hard drives.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tablets

Hey, are you planning to buy a brand new tablet? If yes, then, you have to consider reading this article. It contains the essential information about this type of computer unit. You have to understand everything in this article if you want to be happy. Our life nowadays is dependent largely on computer units and systems. Thus, you have to think the essence of this write-up deeply.

So, the main point of this article is to set the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing and using a tablet. Read the subsequent facts and information.

The Advantages

Tablets are a movable or portable computer unit. So, its advantages are:

Mobility or portability


A lot of choices nowadays


Appropriate for taking pictures

Can be used easily for social media

Skype calls and videos will do in various angles

These advantages are considerable. They can truly enhance the life and happiness of the users, like you. So, it is a suggestion that you may use one of the most prominent brand names in the market.

Using the social media channels would be done anywhere. There would be an omnipresent usage of FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the like. The portability of this gadget allows people on this aspect. So, this is truly important that you have to try using this gadget.

The Disadvantages

If there are advantages, there are also disadvantages of tablets. Some of these disadvantages are:

Prone to be broken in a short period

Prone to fall anytime, anywhere

Prone to be watered anytime, anywhere

Portability is a weakness

Price would not correspond to its durability

These disadvantages might lead you to discouragement. Maybe!

However, you have to think that with proper care and understanding on this gadget, you can somehow avoid the possible shortcomings. It is true since there are clever people, who have had testified on this matter. According to them, they just have had understood the proper usage of this computer unit; then, they are using it with proper care.

By knowing the facts behind the advantages and disadvantages of tablet possession, it is somehow now clear in your mind of whether to use or not to use a tablet. Of course, you have to use it or try to use it. Why? You have to discover the wonders of this gadget. Pertinent to the consequences or disadvantages, there is still antithesis on them. How? It’s simple! It’s the cleverness of the users, like you. If you understand its pros and cons, then avoid the cons. You have to educate yourself, since with proper education; you can certainly enjoy the good things attached to it.

Do you understand now the merits of the advantages and disadvantages? Of course, yes! Hence, you are now ready to try one brand of tablet. And, by doing so, you can bring yourself to the ultimate happiness tablets can deliver to you.

What Are The Factors To Be Considered While Buying Tablets?

Logically, you have to buy a tablet, a computer type, based on wisdom and intelligence. Without these two main aspects, decide not to! So, this is truly important that you have to give time to read this write-up, to understand the basic information that associated to having one of the most popular brands of tablets in the market. These factors have to be understood. You have to do this, if you are concerned about the other cons, like wasting your money for nothing. Of course, one of the pros of having one of the tablets available offline or online is its capability to make your life fulfilled, due to its perks and ability to render wonderful services.

To put immediately, in a nutshell, the five main factors when buying a tablet are listed as follows:





Storage System

Each one of these factors has explanations

First, it’s the price that you have to think primarily. With respect to the price or cost of the tablets, it is important that you have to choose the unit that is proportionate to your pocket capacity. Don’t buy based on impulse, but buy based on capacity and needs.

Secondly, you have to determine the size of the unit. Tablets designed as a miniature and portable gadget. But, they are bigger than smartphones and the like. So, you have to consider the size. Don’t buy those super big and super small, neither. Purchase just the average portable size tablets.

Thirdly, the weight is reflecting on the size. The bigger, the more weight it has. So, you have to filter also this aspect. You have to keep in mind that daily, you might be bringing the tablet with you. So, if it has more weight than the average, the tendency is that you might be suffering from physical setbacks.

Fourthly, the resolution of the tablets must be filtered thoroughly. Otherwise, you will be regretting the wrong decision or choice. Hence, you have to check well the resolution personally if you are buying offline. Now, if purchased anything online, then the action of assessment would be easy. And, this is to read relevant reviews about the tablets.

Fifthly, storage system reflects on the storage capacity of the tablets. It is beneficial if you purchase the unit with an expandable capacity up to 64 GB or more. If this is the unit that you’re buying, then it’s pretty sure that you can enjoy storing a lot of files, such as taken pictures or downloaded materials for your personal consumption.

We had discussed the aspects of buying the tablets. It’s now up to you to understand and to decide on the matter that is what is appropriate. The five factors are making your mind clear from doubts and what-if thoughts. Right? Therefore, starting today, you can choose one brand of tablets among the different units of computers available both online and offline.